Nail Care: Top Remedies for Painful Cuticles

Nail Care: Top Remedies for Painful Cuticles

A cuticle is a thin layer of clear skin at the bottom of your finger or toenails. The cuticle acts as a barrier from infections and bacteria. Since cuticles are fragile, they are prone to drying and cracking, and this problem can be painful. Cracking and drying happen during the cold months when there is less moisture. If you feel pain around your nails, it means the cuticles are affected and this leaves room for bacteria and germs. The good news is that there are various remedies for treating sore cuticles. This article will discuss six of them.

Nail Care

One of the best ways of preventing or curing painful cuticles is ensuring you are taking good care of your nails. When getting a manicure at, the professionals avoid cutting the cuticles to prevent damage. Make sure you go to the best nail salon Woodbridge to have the nail technician trim them carefully. Make sure the tools are sterilized before use.

Avoiding Biting Nails

When you bite your nails, there is a high chance you will bite on the cuticles, and this is one major cause of sore cuticles. Therefore, if you like biting your nails, try controlling this habit. It will ensure your cuticles are safe from damage. You may have noticed that people who bite their nails have irregular skin around the nails. This is because biting results in pulling off the flesh around the nails without taking proper care.  

Hydrogen Peroxide

You can use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the pain. It is an agent that helps clean the accumulated dirt on the nail beds. Add some hydrogen peroxide to the sore area to reduce the soreness and pain and clean the nails. You can tie a bandage around the finger for quick relief.

Hot Water

Your cuticles may also be hurting due to poor hygiene. If you fail to take good care of your nails, dirt may deposit under the fingernails. Try the hot water remedy that requires you to place your hands in hot water with water and soap solution. Try this remedy three or four times a day. It will help relieve the pain in sore cuticles.

Professional Help

If the sore cuticle problem persists, it could mean there is an underlying issue. Mostly, it is usually a sign of skin infection. Therefore, it is vital to ensure both your skin and nails are examined thoroughly. You can seek help from a professional and make sure you visit your doctor if the pain persists for more than four days.

Cuticle Oil or Cream

If you have dry cuticles, cuticle cream or oil can help moisturize them. Look for those with essential ingredients like natural oils, vitamin A, E, and C. Apply the oil or cream and massage the nails for even distribution. The oil helps prevent drying and cracking. So, apply a small amount to the nail bed. It is advisable to buy your cream or oil from a reputable drug store or beauty shop.

Final Thoughts

The role of cuticles is to protect your skin and nails from infections. However, if they are sore, dry, or cracked, bacteria and dirt may find their way into the skin, causing infections. So, take good care of your nails and treat sore cuticles with the remedies above.

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