4 Iron-rich Foods That You Need to Know About If You Have Anemia

4 Iron-rich Foods That You Need to Know About If You Have Anemia

Ask anybody around and a bunch of people are dealing with or are fighting off anemia. According to the best hematologist in Multan, anemia is far more common than people give it credit for. Anemia that is due to iron deficiency is the most common subtype of anemia to exist. Thus it is important for people to have an understanding of the top iron-rich foods for anemia that can help with the heme content. 

But let us first discuss the common symptoms of anemia:

  1. A sudden feeling of tiredness 
  2. Numbness in the lower limbs
  3. Irregular breathing pattern 
  4. Lightheadedness
  5. Burden on chest 
  6. Cold hands and feet 
  7. Severe cases of migraines 
  8. Pale skin 

Iron-Rich Foods For Anemic Patients 

Given below is a list of food that can boost the level of iron in your blood. 

  1. Shellfish 

This one has to be on the list. We all are aware of the fact that meat whether it is red or white or seafood is a great source of protein as well as iron. All the known shellfishes such as oysters, clams, and mussels are a great way to increase the level of iron in your body. 

Much to your surprise the iron that is present in these shellfish is heme iron. This means that they are readily available for absorption the moment you consume these meaty treats. 

They are also known to elevate the level of good cholesterol in your body. This means that you have no reason to refuse this food as it is a nutrient-rich source of food. 

  1. Liver 

You might have heard about this one right??? We all belong to the same population that has been fed liver during childhood saying that it is a great way to increase the level of heme in your blood. 

In addition to the liver, organ meats are also a great way to add up the level of iron in your bloodstream. It is not only the level of heme that made these foods so much special, they are also a rich source of vitamin B and other much-needed nutrients such as copper, selenium. 

If we are to talk about the liver, it is also rich in vitamin A which is also important for overall body maintenance and metabolism. 

Organ meats are also packed with choline which is needed by the body for brain and liver health which we do not have any other way of getting. 

  1. Beans and Legumes 

Who isn’t familiar with these green treats that are grilled with the steak that you all adore so much. The thing with legumes is that they are packed with all-time needed nutrients. The best choices when it comes to legumes are as follows:

  • Beans 
  • Lentils
  • Chickpeas
  • Peas
  • Soybeans 

People who are fighting off deadly and chronic diseases such as diabetes as well as heart diseases, as well as heart diseases, are advised to up the level of legume intake. These beans also come with substances that do not let you gain those extra pounds. 

Thus make sure to add these beans to your dinner or breakfast meal plan, as they are a healthy and powerful source of nutrition. 

  1. Meat: Beef, Mutton, Chicken

As we have discussed previously and who isn’t aware that red meat is a wondrous source to increase the level of iron in your blood. Red meat be it in the shape and form of chicken, mutton or beef, consume, as much as you can for the heme that it gives you. 

Several types of research have stated that people who consume red meat careless likely to suffer from iron deficiency and thus are less likely to develop this medical condition that we all know as anemia. 

Women who consume these meaty treats are less likely to develop a low level of hemoglobin during pregnancy. Do not shy away from adding these meats to your meal plans as they are equal parts delicious as well as nutritional. 

The Bottom Line 

Iron deficiency is a serious condition that a million people suffer from. Rather than depending upon over-the-counter medicines, make a list of these aforementioned foods and try to consume them as much as you can. For further queries, make sure to consult with your healthcare advisor. 

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