Top Tips for Headache and Migraine Prevention

Top Tips for Headache and Migraine Prevention

Like many of the most common ailments which we experience acutely (in distinct episodes), the causes of migraines and headaches are various. Furthermore, there is the complicating factor that headaches and migraines are different things. While acute headaches can be triggered for countless reasons, proneness to migraines is unfortunately a condition that has no single cure. 

Whatever causes it, we all know how much headaches and migraines can negatively affect our quality of life. They have the potential to put us out of commission for a number of hours, or even days in extreme cases. The good news, however, is that everybody who suffers from headaches or migraines can take steps that prevents them being triggered in the first place. 

Like so many health conditions, the ways of doing this are a combination of individual responses, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Eating the right thing, drinking the right thing, doing exercise, getting sleep… You have almost certainly heard this advice before and there is no doubt that deficiencies in any of these areas can cause headaches or trigger migraines. Taking the right steps to ameliorate these issues, as well as investing in some proven remedies, is the best way to stay pain free. 

How to Prevent Headaches and Migraines 

Before getting down to a list potential remedies and preventative measures, it is worth noting that you will never be able to prevent all headaches from coming on. The reason for this is nothing more complicated than the fact that there are some headache triggers that you can control and there are some that you cannot. By taking steps to reduce the triggers you can control, however, then you could see your headaches become less severe, last for less time, and even significantly reduce in frequency. 

Get Enough Sleep (And Exercise)

One of the major lifestyle changes that you can make to reduce headaches is to get enough sleep. This really is a fundamental, as having an insufficient or erratic sleeping schedule creates chemical imbalances in the body which trigger headaches. Aim for eight hours a night and get up at the same time every day. And one of the best ways to allow you to do this is to build aerobic exercise into your week. This will not only make it easier to sleep but will alleviate your headache severity, too. 

Regulate your Caffeine Intake 

This does not mean drinking no caffeine at all (although that can be a remedy for headaches in some cases). Rather, you should ensure you have a regular caffeine intake that does not fluctuate. One of the acute symptoms of caffeine withdrawal is indeed headaches – so too of caffeine overdose. 

Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation

EMF (electro-magnetic field) radiation is emitted by all electronic devices with any type of wireless connectivity. Whereas EMF radiation is not dangerous, it can have a few negative effects including fatigue and, indeed, headaches. Why not invest in an EMF protection device? Synergy Science is a world leader of such devices as well as the headache-preventing nutritional product hydrogen water. They say that these devices, once installed in a room, can protect all occupants from EMF radiation. 

Take Painkillers the Moment the Headache Starts 

This quite simple technique works on the principle of heading off the danger. If you take painkillers at the very onset of the headache, it can reduce the level of intensity to which it climbs. Practically speaking, this means always having your painkillers on hand. 

At the end of day, headaches are a fact of life. However, their tyranny over your quality of life is certainly not something you need to accept.

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